Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What are little boys made of? (connection)

Michael Kimmel talks about the supposed Virtual war against boys in America mentioned by many best sellers. They advised the public to rescue them from increasingly behavior and emotional problems that are affecting boys.
According to Kimmel the answer to why this happens depends on the person whom you ask, because each author has their won consumption for the cause of the problem, for example, some argue that boys have been forgotten; because America has focused on girls and their problems. Some blame patterns of male development. Others believe that feminism could be the solution to the problem.
Kimmel does not disagree that there is a crisis, but he disagrees in the way many approach or give advice of the causes and their remedies, for example Michael Gurian a therapist who suggest that boys are going worst.  Thanks to Feminists efforts e argues that ever since feminist began to change rules boys have been seen as the problem. He argues that our education system forces boys to “conform to a regime of obedience. With testosterone surging through their little limbs, boys are commended to sit still, raise their hands, and take naps “This quote from Gurian clearly suggests that boys shouldn’t have to obey or be respectful or listen to commands from elders (teachers) or be polite or simply take a nap. Because they are boys and since they are surging with testosterone these are not actions that men should follow. He also says that by doing all this we are not allowing boys to be boys.
After reading this article I understood the different point of views. Some were completely ridiculous; I could not believe that Gurian being a therapist, a licensees therapist to give advice to people who have emotional problems express himself in such an ignorant way. Saying things like its nature, not nature that propels boys toward obnoxious behavior, violence, and sadistic experiments. I felt as if he were trying to put a barrier between boys and girls. In other words saying that, what is good for one gender is bad for the other. This article can have a connection to Audre Laurde and privilege power and different Audre Laurde talks about that in order to change we cannot ignore the different sides, in this article what Audre Laurde says applies because in order to help boys and girls we have to see the issues and not treat them like they are the same thing.

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