Wednesday, December 7, 2011

miscellaneous " woman know your place"

This picture I feel shows how a woman is not just being shown as less than a man, But also is punished by a man. As if the woman cannot do as she would please without the consequence of a man’s reaction. There should be equality but instead the man is considered the higher authority to the point where if the woman steps out of line she is going to be punished. The woman in this picture I would say looks almost apologetic. The partial fear expressed on her face and the disappointment on his face shows this is not the first time. This at one point was ok. Looking at how a man could be accustomed to hitting a woman, an adult woman at that is more than degrading. If this is ok to do, then tell me this. Who then disciplines a man when he is out of line? When is it ok for a man to be punished? Or is it that a woman is considered so much less that the role in reverse is unthinkable? This picture also represents to me that the woman is not only less but is treated like a child. The husband is not just a husband but takes on the role of a father to his wife. This is sexist, degrading, disrespectful, and disappointing.

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