Wednesday, December 7, 2011

miscellaneous " men Bar"

In this picture you can clearly see that in this bar they do not provide service to men if they do not wear a shirt, on the other hand women receive free drinks. Although this idea sounds like a good deal to, many women. They do not realize that this is a way of disrespect to the dignity of women hood.  This sign is completely disrespectful, because the bar owners use women and their body’s to attract more customers to their bar, in other words they use them as bate. 
 Early feminist fought to give women the freedom and equality that man had. However I believe that in the process of gaining freedom women forgot the value of self respect. What I mean about this, is that some women confused freedom with immorality, which lowered the strength we had gained as free, smart, independent women.  giving the opportunity for sexist comments, and the allowance of vulgar actions that display women as sex toys. 

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