Wednesday, December 7, 2011

miscellaneous the story Lysistrata

The story of Lysistra

 Lysistrata was an Athenian comedy written by Aristophanes during the Peloponnesian war. In the play women take a stand and go on a sex strike to convince their husbands to abandon the war forcing important leaders to retrieve. As an act Lysistrata and her followers lock themselves in a house where they could be away from their lovers and deprive them from sexual activity.
    While reading this story I was very shocked because men took women as joke. I could picture Aristophanes and his actors discussing, and saying “it would be a funny story if we make it seem as women take over the city and implement there only right.” Which was the right of consented sex, this to them was funny because women taking control over the city and mandating man what to do was “ridiculous.”  Reading this story made me wonder how women who watched the play felt during that time. 

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