Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reflection people like Us

Both websites were interesting and gave a lot of information about social class. The "people like us" site had a lot of information on your very own social awareness and where your aspects of personal preference would stand. Giving you a class through your thoughts and judgment. Getting insight on the way that i am viewed based simply on my selection is a informative outlook. When i played, they told me i was mixture of different social classes, which made me feel happy at first and than confused. The thought entered my mind that i am in a transition in my life where my choices are changing from my intake of education, which shapes my social development. The stories of the different people help to see how social class effect the actions that are made not only on oneself but decisions from your family, which believe it or not play a role in how each and every one of us make decisions in our life. The story of Reberta a African American woman who fell for her southern lover was an insight of a marriage, on both ends were not appreciated by each others family, and with this; visits to their family became less frequent and distant.

The second website i visited was center for working class studies. In this website i learned about how the rates of unemployment have raised. This is something to be concerned about, because many individuals without jobs are giving up, and as students getting ready to hit the workforce this is scary to think that many will be unemployed although they are qualified to work in areas of our study. These two websites made me wonder, we know that women are paid less than men and there likely to be second to the male applying to the same potions. This seems it would be unfair for woman who do not have a job who do not want to go on welfare yet it would seem there choices don't point them in any other direction. Which make me wonder what gender, race, and age group makes up the lower class of our society?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oral History for the Qualitative researcher

story telling has been around for thousands and thousands of years such so that it is a  human condition. through history we are able to learn about past events and correct the mistakes that were once made. that is essentially what this reading is all about. it talks about the importance of history and the different ways of collecting data and how to record the events. this article also explains how interviews should run.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Privilege, Power, and difference: The Trouble We're In ( indeed)

in chapter 3 of Allan G. Johnson book he talks about privilege, power, and Difference. in the first paragraph of this chapter Johnson explains that the differences  mainly exist because of privilege and power. however differences are not the problem; the real problem is that we have learned to ignore the things that do not appeal to us because we feel threaten by an idea that brings our egos down. this is a real problem because people feel uncomfortable discussing an issue regarding to race, gender,color which stops us from finding a solution.

in chapter two Johnson shares an experience he had with an African American women in which he found hard to discuss race and gender because he knew that he was part of the privilege group because he was white and male. from reading these chapters i have come down with my own conclusion why people of different races, color and gender have a hard time discussing issues. I believe that the fact that some people with certain races, gender and color have privileges over others, they feel guilty of the other persons oppression even though they have not chosen to have those privileges and perhaps that is why we all try to ignore.    


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The "F-word' what does Irina Dunn try to say?

"A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle." -- Irina Dunn

 what exactly does Irina Dunn try to say with this quote?
I believe that Dunn used this awkward saying to express how ridiculous it sounds that a women is nothing without a man, she uses her quote to emphasize that the idea is ridiculous by comparing it to an analogy that does not make sense. 

intro post

My name is Elsa; so far my semester is going well I’m taking four classes. I decide to take this class because it was an interesting choice. When I’m not in class I usually stay active and try to relax if I don’t have any school work.